Communication and Gender in Latin America in the ALAIC Magazine, Issue 39

The theme of this issue’s dossier The Latin American Journal of Communication Sciences brings to its readers the central theme of “Communication and Gender in Latin America” as dossier number 39.
The dossier presents 16 articles, an interview and a study by researchers from all over Latin America. It is worth noting the significant participation of women researchers, who sign approximately 78% of the articles in this dossier. In this way, the publication demonstrates not only the strength of the research conducted by women in academia, but also the scope and scientific rigor of their approaches that address different topics articulated in the communication and gender axis.

¡The earth exploded! Walking together for a depatriarchal and deconolial communication, is the title of the interview that brings a powerful voice to this edition with the presence of the Argentine Alejandra Cebrelli, PhD in Humanities from the National University of Salta. The interviewer, in turn, is the co-organizer of the dossier, Mexican researcher Eloína Castro Lara. Thus, in a productive dialogue, the two researchers touch on emerging issues in the continent such as the communication-gender binomial as a place for the production of knowledge and other ways of being, power, knowing and doing.

Study Section
The study Flores Raras- Grupo de Pesquisa Educación, Comunicación y Feminismos produced by Claudia Regina Lahni and Daniela Auad, presents an overview of the work developed by Flores Raras. Acting on fronts ranging from teaching, research and extension to management and activism, the issue of lesbians and gender relations in Communication and Education is one of the main topics discussed in the group and in the research that has been developed there for more than 10 years.

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