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The Latin American Association of Communication Researchers – ALAIC

It was founded in November 1978 in Caracas, Venezuela. It came about thanks to the initiative of a group of researchers (Antonio Pasquali, Luis Ramiro Beltrán, Jesús Martín-Barbero, Alejandro Alfonso, Marco Ordóñez, among others), who saw the importance and need for the academic communication community in Latin America to articulate.

About us?


Latin American Association of Communication Researchers.


Boost the development of communication research in Latin America and on the same side the consolidation of an academic community that reproduces in conditions of freedom, quality and permanent collaboration.


An institutional and dynamic plural dedicated to the critique of the development of scientific knowledge, as well as the production, analysis and dissemination of thought in communication in Latin America and beyond.

Main Objectives

Assembly and support

to the scientific community specialized in communication research in Latin America, seeking to increase and improve activities;

Promote and defend

the establishment and development of the necessary conditions for freedom of research, recognition, legal protection and a fair salary for Latin American researchers working in the field of communication;

Fostering relationships and cooperation

between groups in this field of scientific knowledge and regional, national and international organizations pursue similar objectives: to promote the creation of communication research centers and to encourage the formation of national research associations;

Promote and condemn research activities among its members.

as well as attracting qualified human resources for undergraduate and graduate research and continuous updating, dissemination of scientific documentation on the specialty in question, preferably one that comes from the region.


Freedom of thought and expression
Social commitment
Freedom of research
Right to know
Theoretical and methodological pluralism
Spirit of collaboration