Challenges of Popular1 and Community Communication in [email protected]: approximation to the proposition of Emergent Local Knowledge Community

Cicilia M K Peruzzo


Study on the conception of [email protected], which investigates if it would help community movements inredefining communication practices including the collective empowerment of information,communication – and knowledge – technologies. The objectives are to identify the main theoreticalassumptions of [email protected] in the mark of dynamic restructuring of communication in contemporarysociety, to place the issue of the presence of popular communication, and alternative community incyberspace, and to examine whether there is relevance to relate the concepts of [email protected] and itsapplicability to the study and practice of this type of communication in Brazil. The approach is based ontheoretical and methodological principles of historical and dialectical materialism. The procedurespresented in this study are part of the bibliographic and documental research.

Keywords: Emergent community. Social communication. Alternative. Community. [email protected]

Submission date: 2011-02-15

Acceptance date: 2012-03-16


Emergent community. Social communication. Alternative. Community. [email protected]

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Journal of Latin American Communication Research - 2014