Latin American Journal of Communication Sciences – Communication and gender in Latin America.

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Revista Latinoamericana de Ciencias de la Comunicación - Comunicación y género en América Latina.

Social inequalities and structural injustices determined by gender issues and their intersectionalities challenge us to a critical reflection supported by a diversity of theoretical-methodological currents that have produced epistemological changes and in the production of knowledge. The communicative processes have allowed us to recognize the activism of militancy, its dynamics, trajectories and the subjectivities of these collective subjects that transcend the male-female dichotomy, and Latin America has been the protagonist in a significant part of these movements.

The dossier aims to bring together research carried out in different regions of Latin America that establishes connections between communication and gender as central dimensions in the construction of meaning to the proposed theme. From intersectional approaches crossing different social markers, such as: issues of race, class, sexual and ethnic identities and/or combining contemporary agendas of women’s social movements, ecofeminisms, feminist activism, the silenced and subordinated female subject, gender violence, female self-care, women’s rights, performative feminism, anti-racist, feminist and LGBTI+ groups, ethnic diversity, among others.

Year 2022 – Number 39
(January April)

Deadline for submission of articles: 03/09/2022
Dossier theme: “Communication and gender in Latin America”
Guidelines for authors:
The deadline for receiving articles: March 9, 2022. The texts must follow the standards of the Latin American Journal of Communication Sciences available at the following link: ( and must be submitted to:

    Coordinators of this dossier:
    • Maria Cristina Gobbi (Júlio de Mesquita Filho Paulista State University, Brazil);
      email: [email protected]
    • Eloína Castro Lara (Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), Mexico);
      Email: [email protected]
Latin American Journal of Communication Sciences
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