Seminarios de la Asociación

Every two years, since 1999, the Latin American Association of Communication Researchers joins its members to a large Academic Seminar to allow a collective reflection on a central theme in the field of communication and parenting discussion and exchange of information around a series, increasing the scientific articles, presented in its working groups.
1999 - I Seminar

(Cochabamba, Bolivia)

2001 - II Seminar

(La Plata, Argentina)

2005 - III Seminar

(São Paulo, Brazil)

2007 - IV Seminar

(La Paz, Bolivia)

2009 - V Seminar

(Caracas, Venezuela)

2011 - VI Seminar

(São Paulo, Brazil)

2013 - VII Seminar

(La Paz, Bolivia)

2015-VIII Seminar

(San Juán, Puerto Rico)

2015- VIII Seminar

(Córdoba, Argentina)


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